Arranging carbonized plants


Dans le moment où le feu dévorait le végétal transfiguré en lumière,
Madame Okawa a choisi d’interrompre la combustion. Désormais, la forme préservée de la plante,

parée sous la lampe de reflets scintillants, est accessible aux rêves.

Gabriel Bergounioux

(linguiste, professeur des universités à Orléans)

As the fire was burning down the plant transfigured into light, Mrs. Okawa chose to put out the flame.

Since then, the preserved shape of the plant, adorned under the lamp with sparkling reflections,

has been accessible to the dream.

Gabriel Bergounioux

linguist, Professor (University of Orleans)



A plant which spreads its seeds when stimulated by the flames of a forest fire.


Shoots begin to appear from the seeds after the forest fire goes out.

One day I discovered a plant which had been burned, and I was inspired to arrange carbonized plants.

After the living plants have been displayed and enjoyed as Ikebana, I remove, carbonize, and re-arrange them as a new experience

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OKAWA Shunsetsu


The beautiful figure of my grandmother arranging flowers has stayed in my mind for a long time and inspired me to start Ikebana. The head of my school, TESHIGAHARA Hiroshi, always instructed us to “look for your own materials.” While diligently studying Ikebana with his instruction in my mind, I encountered wild Banksia growing in Australia. Seeing the plant burned by wild fires, and experiencing organic shades of black that I didn’t think could exist in the world of plants, I was engulfed in the wonder of nature. From that time on, I started arranging “carbonized plants”. The process of straining to hear the voices of plants and give them expression in our realm is a collaboration between person and plant, regardless of whether the plant is alive or carbonized. I don’t throw away, but carbonize, the plants I arranged alive. The transformed appearances of the plants fuel both their RE-CREATION and my search for a unique world.

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